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          E-mail: sales@gidi-chain.com

          Lumber Conveyor Chain

          Lumber conveyor chain is widely used for wood factory.  The main specification includes 81X,81XH,81XHH,and 3939 lumber conveyor chain.  We can supply high quality lumber conveyor chain to satisfy customers' demand.

                     Chain  no.Pitch                  Roller  Diameter         Width Between Inner platePin Diameter         Pin Length         Inner Plate depthPlate thickness         Ultimate Tensile StrengthAverage Tensile StrengthWeight Per  Meter
          pD1 MaxB1 minD2 MaxL maxLc maxH2 maxTQ MinQ0         q         
          mmmmmm         mm         mmmmmmmmKN/LB         KN         Km/m
          81X66.27         23.0027.0011.1049.053.528.504.00106.7/24250128.93.78
          81XH66.27         23.00         27.78         11.1060.765.131.357.94/5.55151.9/34523175.75.88
          81XHH66.27         23.0027.7811.1065.670.031.357.94191.1/43432212.66.70


            Chain  no.Pitch                  Roller  Diameter         Width Between Inner platePin dimension         Plate dimension         Ultimate Tensile Strength         Weight Per  Meter
          pD1 MaxB1 minD2 MaxL Max mm         H2 max         D3 max         D4 max         J Max         K Max         Q minq         
          mmmmmm         mm         mm         mmmmmmmmmmmm         Km/m
          3939203.2         23.0027.0011.149.028.587.27.238.1101.6115.58/262682.45